As it should be, it began with a sketch

the I Fight for the Users shirt, from sketch to design

While on a client call inclusive of UX concerns – in the midst of passionate defense of thought processes and organic usage – a rough concept poured forth from a Wasserlack 2H. Like the great champion of the grid TRON himself, we as advocates fight for the users. Further lead-based iterations evolved into late night Illustrator concepts, and the I Fight for the Users design – and well as the impetus for more – was born.

Culled from the interactions, tools, and soundbites that permeate our daily process comes apparel for the tireless user advocates of planet Earth and beyond. From the mind and pencil of Chicago-based designer Justin Dauer ("pseudoroom"), we proudly present: UX Shirts. Initially, we'll be focused on limited-run, finite design options primarily shipping to the U.S. As we gauge user interest, we'll (hopefully) expand all of the above in step.